Newbie here and to knitting

Hi guys! I’m Alexandra, mom to 21 mo. Brandon. I live in Florida, but I’m originally from Brazil, so please forgive my english, ok?

A friend recommended this site for the videos and I fell in love with everything here! What a cool place to hang!! Huge knitting forums still scare me a bit, but this one feels rather warm… :heart:

When I was very little, my grandma taugh me how to knit and crochet. However, for years I could only do 1 stitch… :rollseyes: So I let it go.

A few weeks ago, after a few friends started to learn, I got excited and decided to re-learn it too. That’s when I found this place…

I’m still to finish my first piece. It was an Irish scarf, but I had made a cable needle myself (couldn’t find it localy) and it was hard because I had to sand it every few turns, kwim?

So I let this aside for a while and started (last night) on a new project. A “Zeeby’s Bag” from the S n’ B book. It was the only project that fit the material available… :wink:

Anyway…sorry for the long post! I post as I talk…waaayy too much! :lol:

Beware I’m really a newbie and will be bothering with 100001 questions… :oops:

Hope to see you all soon,

Alexandra. :slight_smile:

PS: You can sorta see my knitting “situation” on my blog:

Welcome to the Forum. It is a warm place to be and all questions are welcome!

Thank Ingrid! :heart:

Welcome!! :waving:

Welcome to the Forum. Everyone here is so very helpful.

You guys are the sweetest! :smiley:

I’m just going nutes browsing this forum…hehe

welcome! That cable job you did is wonderful! Great job for using a homemade needle!! I haven’t even attempted cabling yet, so good job! :thumbsup:

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!

Hello, i am in florida also. When it cools down and bit and my companion is doing better healthwise I think I am going to have to invite everyone over for a bbq pool knitting party. Welcome.

Welcome to Rainy Florida! :rollseyes: Whoever told you it was sunny… LIED. Just 'cause I KNOW someone’s told you… right? :stuck_out_tongue:

So where in Florida are you at?

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

That is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of! You must make everyone knit their own bathing suits! Hehehe.

Hi guys!! I’m loving this forum more and more by the minute!! :heart:

So many Floridians! I’m in North Miami Beach. :cheering: I’ve been living here for almost 11 years, so yeah… I know that too-hot for comfort weather well… :shock :lol

Sounds like a plan! :inlove: :inlove:

Hey Alexandra! Wow, doing a cabled scarf for a first project. What ambition!! I’ve seen cable needles at Walmart (ick-patooie) before, so try there. You can always just use a dpn or a chopstick even since mostly you are only having to hold stitches for just a little while. I’ve even used a circular needle in a pinch.

I’m new here too. Sure are a lot of Floridians. Hope you are keeping your eye on Wilma if you are near the Gulf!

Welcome, Alexandra!! This is one of the warmest places you’ll find- and no matter how many questions you have (I know I’ve had at least a million!), there’s always someone who knows the answer!! :waving:

Welcome, Totalele! Nice to have you here :slight_smile: And LOVE your cable work, really, really lovely!!!

I am sure you wil love it more here with each day that passes, it’s that way here and our hostess is the best!!! (or a better way to put it is our hostesses are the bestesest :roflhard: )

Guys, I’m already loving this place!!! Usually I just lurk into knitting forums because they sacre me, but I feel sooo welcomed here!! Thank you…for real! :heart: :heart: :heart:

ETA: Thank you for the nice words, guys! I can’t wait to finish my scarf. They say my needles are shipping, so I should get real cable needles soon!!! :happydance:

Hi Alexandra!!! I’m new too and have only been here a few days!! I am from South Africa but now live in Oklahoma.

This is one of the friendliest places and these folks know everything about knitting!!! I love to cable too, I’m knitting scarfs for Christmas at the moment with eyelash yarn and a cable cardigan. It is finished on a circular needle which i’m not familiar with so i’ll be back with questions when I get to that point!!!

Please stay safe from Wilma!!! Man, you Americans really have some WEATHER!!! :shock: