Newbie help

Hi everyone. I’m a newbie to knitting, I’ve just started knitted a baby beanie. I’ve got to do 40 rows in stockinette stitch. I did 10 then Started a new row, a purl row but the stitches on the right hand needle were facing the other way, the knit side. That’s really frustrating cos I need them to face the side I’m doing. I unravelled a row and knitted and this time they turned around to be purl! Help me please! How can I correct this bizarre mistake?

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You may have inadvertently skipped a row or repeated a knit or purl row. Take out the last row, one stich at a time (called tinking) and then look at your knitting. Here’s a video to help with recognizing knit and purl sts so that you’ll know which stitch to use on your new row.

See if this tutorial helps too.

Thanks so much for taking the time to give me those pointers I really appreciate your feedback cos I can’t knit without people like you helping total newbies.
I will now have the courage to look at my project again and hopefully figure out if I repeated a row

Hi again. Well I did unravel a row and I did find a few knit stitches in the wrong row. However when I tried to start a new row after unravelling or tinking the same thing happened the stitches Turned to Face the other way. So I unravelled another and same thing again. I’m getting peeved now I just might unravel it all.

Are you knitting in the round? Is it possible that you’re flipping the beanie so that sometimes you’re knitting on the outside of the circle (needle points closer to you) and sometimes on the inside of the circle (needle points farther from you)?

ETA: If you’re knitting flat, then take a look at the sts on the left hand needle before you start the row and decide if they’re purl bumps or knit Vs. Work 2 or 3 sts and see it they look correct on the right hand needle. If so, continue and if not, tink out those few sts and try the opposite stitch, either knit or purl. I know how frustrating this kind of thing can be but once you figure it out, you’ll be set for any other project.

Hey. Great advice. It’s exactly what I’m doing. No I’m not knitting in the round. Although when they twist they do make me feel like I am cos they make a circle-sorry if I don’t make sense. Just a question when you said look at your stitches and decide and then you can knit the opposite stitch if it’s wrong- could I do that say fir example I had a few knits in a purl row by mistake could I purl them next row? I mean would it change the overall pattern? Sorry for going on I’m curious lol
Thanks for your patience

You could work back across the next row and correct those sts by slipping them off the needle, taking out the stitch and changing it to the correct stitch. Then you would continue with the row. Simply changing the current row won’t correct the previous row.
Sort of like this:

One good thing to do is to make a practice swatch and deliberately make mistakes. Try anyway you can think of to correct them and see what works best. Drop stitches, make knit when they should be purls, make an accidental yarn over, try it all.

I say this all the time, but never be afraid to mark the right side/outside/public side of your work. It’s soooo easy to get it flipped around when you lay it down, or absentmindedly go the wrong way in the middle of a row. Nearly everyone does it, and it’s especially likely when you’re just starting and the pattern isn’t obvious yet.

Use a safety pin, a scrap of yarn, a paper clip, anything you have. I have no idea why some knitting instructors try to say using right-side markers “isn’t professional.” I’m a confirmed amateur, because after forty-two years I’m still using right-side markers and don’t intend to stop.

Also, when you get to decrease rows and such, when you have to put your work down, write a note to yourself: “Last finished row was 16” or whatever applies. If you have something going and know you’ll have to put it away for a while, either bag it with the pattern or tag it with a note that tells you what the pattern is and where to find it (“Blue Hat pattern on my iPad, row 17 finished.”)