Newbie help

Every time I set my work down (making a newborn hat with dpns) and come back to it, my work is not ready to go. The needle with the yarn hanging from it is to my left not my right? I hope this makes sense to someone. I really don’t want to start over…again!

You may be picking it up so it flips inside out. Or if you’re already knitting inside out then it’s the other way. You can just flip inside out or vice versa to make it work for you.

You should be knitting on the outside of the tube so when you’re holding your work the working needles are closest to your body and the tube of knitting is away from you.

Here’s a picture of what it normally looks like. The picture with the circular needle shows it best. It’s held the same way in all methods.

OMG Jan in CA! You nailed it!! Yup, my tube IS closest to my body not the correct way. Thank you so much for your help!