Newbie help

Hi everyone. I’ve looked through the forums for this but they haven’t been that clear. I start off with a double cast on then cast on however many I need. I knit my first row which is fine until I get to the last stitch. It ends up very loose and its driving me crazy because I have no idea what I’m doing wrong and I’ve tried several ways to try and fix it. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!!

I don’t think you’re doing anything “wrong”. I think it’s probably a tension issue. :thinking: When I first started knitting, my last (and first… and other :lol:) were loose like this because I discovered that I was holding my needles to far apart from each other. :thinking:

I know others have had the problem too, but I can’t remember all of the solutions. Others, please chime in :mrgreen:

A loose first /last stitch is very common because it is anchored at only one side. One way to tighten it is to make sure to knit the first couple of stitches tightly, really making sure to give the yarn a good tug as you knit the first two or three stitches.

Another option, especially good for scarves or something that isn’t seamed, is to slip the first stitch in each row as if to purl and to knit the last stitch in each row. This essentially only knits every other stitch on the edge and tightens it up nicely.

If you are getting a loop at the end and are getting extra stitches, then you’re wrapping the yarn around the right needle, creating a yo stitch at the beginning of the row. Make sure the yarn doesn’t wrap around the shaft of the needle as you make the first stitch.

And practice, practice, practice.

thanks for the advice! i’ll let you know how it goes

I posted my question and then started looking through and yours is just like mine. The last stich is loose and it does not do well when trying to begin the next row. It’s like on that last stich, the yarn does not go through the same as it does on the other stiches, so you cannot even start off properly. I am SUPER frustrated!! I just want to make a scarf!!

alec0625…i am in the same boat as you!!!..whatz going on here??

This is absolutely common. One way you can make your edges neater is to slip the first stitch as if to purl and knit the last stitch on every row. This way the edge stitches are only knit every other row and makes the edge a little smoother.

howdy! i had this same question and got some help from our fellow forum friends :happydance: but i also wanted to mention that if you watch the “demo of a small project” video under the “getting started” tab amy addresses the issue and shows the “slip stitch” method for the first stitch! it really helped me to see it :smiley: good luck!

Ingrid, you should write a book! Seriously, I’d buy it. :thinking:

yep i got it…tighten tighten tighten…looks good… :XX: me<<<

Too much like work!! I’d NEVER get any time to knit or hang out here. And forget all the other things I need to do. My house looks like it’s been ransacked. Really have to do something about that. :thinking: