Newbie: Help with m1

Ok so this is my first official project and I am still trying to learn all the techniques. The pattern is supposed to be beginner but I am already completely lost. Anyways here’s what it says:
Row 1: (RS) Knit to last stitch, m1, k1.
Row 2: Purl to last stitch, m1, p1.

So my question is I have seen how to m1, but it shows you doing it between 2 stitches and in the directions it says to do it after the last sticth??or do you do it anywhere? I am so confused. (This prob won’t be my last question)

You’ll do the M1 before the last stitch. It says to work to last stitch–that means up to the last one, so there will be one left on your needle. Do the M1, then work the last stitch. OK?

ok. Thank you!