Newbie help please

Hi all,

I’m wanting to knit a baby blanket for a friends baby for Christmas and I have fluffy wool that requires size 5mm needles. I’m not following a pattern as it’s all garter stitch. My only question is how many stitches should I cast on?

Sarah :slight_smile:

Depends how long do you want to get. I would say cast on 120 stiches.

i’m working on a thick garter stitch blanket too. it’s 3 strands, 2 in boucle, 1 in worsted making it pretty close to a bulky yarn category. with 115 cast-on stitches on size 15 needles (10mm), the blanket is about 40" wide.

it sounds like a basic gauge swatch is in order… with garter stitch it’ll be super quick, and about 20 stitches by 10 rows(5 ridges) will give you a good amount space to estimate.