Newbie Help Please

Hi I’m a relatively new knitter.I have knitted my last scarf…for the time being.I would like to knit something else,Would I be able to knit socks? Is that easy? I only can knit and purl I don’t know much of anything else.should I take on a project like this or isd there something else you can recommend?:knitting:

I think a hat is a good project if you want to branch out. There’s not much to it, just knitting on DPNs usually. You can even find hats that are knit flat and seamed.

I personally don’t think socks are that hard if you have good instructions that walk you through step-by-step. However, you are going to have to learn some new techniques to do this, and I guess the question is, do you want to do that right now, or would you rather do something that might not require so many new techniques? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot; just keep in mind that there are a lot of steps to making socks

Take a look at Silver’s excellent sock tutorial. That will give you an idea of what’s involved in sock knitting.

I think that taking on socks as your next project might be overwhelming if scarves have been the extent of your knitting. I agree with the other responder who said that a hat would be a good next project. You will learn to decrease and get some practice with double point needles. Whatever you choose to do next, good luck and enjoy.

What would you like to knit? It can be a hat, socks, sweater, lace - anything. If you want to make something, you’ll learn how to do it.

Thank You everyone! I’m a chicken at heart so I think maybe a hat first.:pray:I hope I can do this.Now I have to find a pattern and maybe a video:think:
PS what is a dpn I’m assuming it’s some sort of needle?

Double Pointed Needle. :slight_smile: Points on both ends, so you can do small scale circular knitting. Hats are fun. You’ll love it!

I’ve knitted for a while now, but only recently branched out from scarves. The first thing I tried was a hat & I had great success! It was pretty easy and I got used to working with the dpns. I’ve since moved onto mittens and that’s going pretty well, so far anyways. I’m still a bit nervous about socks, but that’s just me. Good luck w/whatever you choose, though!

Socks are not hard, but a hat is a good way to learn to knit in the round. Once you learn how to do that and learn how to decrease then you shouldn’t have any trouble with socks. :thumbsup:

After knitting a purling there’s not much else.

I wouldn’t knit socks :teehee: not yet

shoot I’ve been knitting for a year and a couple of months and I’m still too chicken. You could try an afgan if you really want to take a LOT of time knitting. Could do a hat or anything else really just depends on what your looking to make. I knit by necessity (yeah I do:noway:), I also knit when I get request. But I get them a lot so I’m constantly knitting. I haven’t done any mindless knitting in a while. I think the first ‘hard’ thing I tried was mittens I made a test mitten to see if I could do it frogged a little bit a couple of times but it turned out pretty good. It goes much faster now that I figured out how to do it int he round :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m a newbie myself so keep that in mind but, I started with the requisite scarf and then did a basic hat and I have branched out to socks. I learned the Magic Loop method and I’m moving along through the legs of my first pair (2 at a time on ML), so far so good. I haven’t done the heels or gussets yet so I can’t comment on really how hard/easy it is but what’s the worst that could happen, you might make a mistake, but that’s what learning is all about. I would get some less expensive yarn to try it out. I got a couple books and I recommend Getting Started Knitting Socks. I also have 2-At-A-Time Socks and Knitting Circles Around Socks. 2 at a time is on Magic Loop. Knitting circles is using 2 circulars to knit 2 at a time. I skipped the whole DPN thing. I used them to finish my hat and it just wasn’t something I thought I wanted to do through a whole sock, plus using Magic Loop or 2 circs you can do 2 at a time. I’ve also watched several videos online about doing the heels and gussets. I don’t expect it to be the easiest thing I’ve ever done but a challenge is a good thing. It may seem ambitious but be confident and give it a try. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do. :wink: Crossed Fingers

My two cents: it depends. :slight_smile: I agree with Jan that learning to knit in a round on circular needles or with dpns is a good idea before working in the close fit and smaller world of socks.

On the other hand, you’re much more likely to be pleased and happy with the world of knitting if you love and are excited about the patterns you’re making.

I’m a beginning knitter myself, although I’ve been around various textiles all my life, so I’m not exactly starting from ground zero. I’m putting off socks for a bit because one, I don’t really much care about socks, although I’ve recently seen some lace stockings that might change my mind, and two, there’s a ton of projects that excite me a lot more to get done first. :slight_smile:

My advice would be to try a hat with circular needles and dpns, so you’re familiar with how they work in large yarns on relatively large needles. Then try socks!

Speaking of hats…

I don’t really like them, but the Meret on this page is wildly popular on Ravelry.

You can do anything you put your mind to! I find that the more complicated the pattern is, the more fun I have with it. (I have exactly 2 FOs, a scarf and a garter stitch baby blanket) If you look at “Fetching” in my sig - I have 8 rows left in the first one after about 6 hours. It’s my first project on DPNs, first attempt at cables, first gusset, and the rest of it is a 4x1 rib. I’m loving this pattern.

So look around, and don’t be scared of patterns. Anything that calls for increases or decreases - you can find videos of those here. Have fun!

Some fingerless gloves, or wrist warmer are good to learn small diameter circular knitting too. There’s some gorgeous easy patterns out there too. Find one you’re excited about and go for it. I would suggest trying all the small diameter methods to find the one that’s best for you. Personally, I wouldn’t jump into socks without a bit more experience - but that’s me … I’m a chicken at heart about some things! LOL

Another project for knitting in the round is a cowl or neckwarmer. You can knit them like a larger hat, but there’s no decreasing.

Hey tlazer!

My two cents is this- if you like socks and you think they would be fun to make then go for it! My first project after scarves was a Christmas Stocking and it was basically just a big sock! I didn’t think it was that hard. When I tried to read the pattern, I got really freaked out about it, but I got a magnetic board and magnet strips and put my pattern on there so I could only see one like of pattern at a time and when I took it one step at a time, it was fine. But, my stocking as knit flat and had to be sewn up, so maybe it is harder in the round. My first project in the round was a hat and it was really easy!

You can do whatever you put your mind to! And, if you get hung up on something, just write on here and someone will help you! :slight_smile:

I would say go with what interests you. My first project was a sweater. I taught myself to knit well before the internet or free patterns and knew noone else who knit. All I had was pattern booklets and a few knitting magazines. Mostly sweaters and tops. I don’t wear scarves and didn’t know you could knit dishcloths so I knit what I had patterns for. Husband wanted socks for work so I knit socks. If you can understand written directions easily then most patterns are doable. If you need to see something being done then it’s still doable with all the videos available on the net.
All you are out is your time. The yarn and needles will still be usable down the line.

I’d say go with whatever you want to knit. The first project I completed was a pair of socks. Everything is knit one stitch at a time, so just make whatever interests you.