Newbie Help--Knitting to the Inch

Hi! I’m very new to knitting and have already learned so much from this wonderful site! I have decided to start with a very simple afghan project. Pattern is to cast-on 23 and then knit until 6 inches. That I can do! Well, I have already learned that I am a “tight knitter” and so I am casting on a few more to get the width to 6 inches as well as the length.

My question is, where do I measure from to know when I have knit for six inches on the length? Do I measure the “off the needle” portion of the sqaure? Or, do I include the row on the needle itself, knowing that I still have to cast-off?

Thanks so much in advance for your expert advice! I am defecting from the scrapbooking world, and have found this to be a great group of crafters!


Measure under the needle.

Thanks so much for the speedy reply!