Newbie help...abbreviation translation please

As a newbie, I know I should know these, however I am not quite as versed on some of the abbreviations used here, can you help?

I have used SO - Significant Other, and figured DH is dear husband.

What is LYS, FO, and the others used here? Could we get a cheat sheet?lol

Thanks!! :XX:

You are right about the first two…
FO is finished object
LYS = Local Yarn Store

DH = dear husband but there is also DD (dear daughter) DS (dear son) etc etc…

Or how about ‘MILFH’…if anyone can guess it, you get a prize!!! :lol:

mother in law from hell

??? :??

Mother I’d Like To F$@! Hard? I thought it was usually just MILF? :slight_smile:

Naughty naughty.

Now what’s my prize?

Then again it could be Major Internet League of Fantasy Hockey :roflhard:

Mortal Injury Lawyers’ Federation of Helsinki?

I know it’s Mother In Law From Hell. I have one of those. I swear “MILFH” is tattooed on her somewhere… or maybe it’s just “from Hell”.