Newbie - hello and please help!

hi everyone. Have checked other threads and can’t see the answer to my question - I’m really hoping someone can help!
I am a returning knitter (but mainly knitted scarves as a child so no help there) trying what I [B]thought[/B] was a simple project from The Art of Knitting partwork. I am trying to knit a heart shape to decorate a cushion cover and I am completely flummoxed by the instructions below:
Starting with 14 sts
[B]next row:[/B](k1,k1 tbl) into next st, k to last 2 sts, (k1, k1 tbl)into next st, k1
[B]next row[/B](p1, p1 tbl)into next st, p to last 2 sts, (p1, p1 tbl) into next st, p1.
[B]repeat last 2 rows once, then work first of them again. 24 sts[/B]

I think this means I am adding 2 stitches in per row? Have watched excellent video showing ktbl and ptbl and have grasped that but don’t understand the [B]into next st[/B] part of it. Is it another term for kfb? Please can someone help - or take my knitting needles from me!

k1,k1 tbl) into next st
You want to work both the k1 and the k1 tbl into the next stitch. Do the knit and then don’t slip the stitch off the left needle, but do a k1 tbl into that same stitch.
I think this means I am adding 2 stitches in per row?
You are right about that. It is kind of like a kfb except for the added tbl part. The same with the purl side.

I think it is a kfb, you knit one, and then also knit into the back loop of the same st. That’s a really odd way of writing it; I don’t think it means to twist the st though like you would just knitting tbl.

Thankyou both very much for your help. I will be trying this again later when the children are out of the way!

I can’t believe I have never found this site before - it’s brilliant; fab videos and knowledgeable and kind forum bods.