Newbie Guage Question

I am a very new knitter and am starting my first non-dishcloth, non-scarf project that requires the guage to be correct. Just need to get that discaimer out there! :wink:

The pattern calls for Sugar n Cream and 7 needles. The guage is stated as 16st x 20 rows = 4"

I am taking that then to be 4 stitches per inch, 8 stitches in my two inch window on my guage checker thingie (technical & correct term for that piece of equipment, I am sure) - I am correct on that, right?

I have to use a 9 needles to get this guage - does that sound right? I know I knit a bit tight but my stitches slide on the needles fine. I have read that one may need to go up a needle size to get the right guage, but two sizes? Seems to me that SnC isn’t really thick so to get 4 stitches an inch would take a bigger needle.

But then again, I am new and barely know what I am doing. Just wondering if having to go up two needle sizes sounds suspicious to anyone or if I should just mellow out and get going with the 9 needles as that is what gave me the (what I believe to be) correct guage.

TIA for the help!

Yeah, mellow out:) . People go up and down several sizes sometimes to get gauge. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing whatever you need to do to get the right gauge. And welcome!:happydance:

Thanks, hon! I figured I was just being a freak! :wink:

And I happened to (finally) think to look at the label on the Snc and it says that a 4"x4" piece would be 20 st and 26 rows or 5 stitches per inch so it is not all me.

Mellow, mellow, I am mellow… :slight_smile:

Just use whatever needle size gets you the gauge, and with a dishcloth it’s not nearly as critical as a garment anway. You knit tight now, but as you get more experience you’ll probably loosen up a lot.