Newbie: Going from Cast on to Subsequent rows?

I’m ridiculously new to knitting…as in this is my first ever knitting project. I did have a crochet kit when I was little but that was a bust. :slight_smile:

Anyway the instructions state: With waste yarn, cast on 5 stitches. Slide these back to the right side of the needle, knit them again (making a five stitch i-cord). * Knit one more row with the waste yarn, and slide the stitches back for the next i-cord row.

My problem is where I inserted the asterisk in the paragraph above. How do I go from the cast on to knitting another row?

I can see all of the separate steps but not strung together. And no projects really mimic this as I am making (of all things) a shrunken head bag called a Tsantsa.

Here’s the link to the original pattern (enjoy the site too btw):

Thanks for the help.

You need to make an i-cord, which is basically a tube. Using a double pointed needle, cast on 5 stitches, to the other end of the needle. Knit them again. The yarn will be in the wrong place, but pull it tight and it will pull across the back and start to form the tube.

Well I think I’ve got the i-cord down.

But to be sure, knitting it again means to knit 5 more stitches right? If not I am so confused.

You’re knitting into the five stitches on the needle again.

Is there a video on how to do that somewhere? I can’t find anything in the techniques here.

I feel like such a hassle, I’m sorry. I would have bought a book or something but I just didn’t connect to them. And me being the stubborn college kid that I am had to pick something not intended for beginners.

Check out the Getting Started section above. Maybe practice a little bit before you tackle the shrunken head (:teehee:).

haha yeah I think I just may. Thanks a lot for your help.

:shiftyeyes: I think I did it! celebrate