Newbie-extra stitch

I’m working on my second scarf (ever), and I now have 21 instead of 20 stitches. I’m knitting with 2 yarns (one of them is a “fun fur”), so it is hard to see what I’m doing or where I might have picked up the extra stitch. I was wondering if I should just continue on with 21, or try to fix the problem. Thanks!

I’ve done that before too with novelty yarn. What I do is, as soon as I realise I’m a stitch over, I knit 2 together in the middle of the scarf. That way the ends don’t look uneven and voila, I’m back to the required number of stitches.

Thanks for the advice! It looked kind of weird when I first knitted two stitches together, but then seemed to work out ok as I continued. However, it looks like there is a hole (gap) in that area. Any suggestions on how to close it up? It’s not too noticable because of the “fur,” but I know it’s there :wink:

Once youre finished the hole won’t be noticable. You’re probably the only one who will see it because you made it, just don’t point it out to anyone and you should be fine!

I used the fun fur stuff for a few scarves and it’s easy to make mistakes with that stuff. But because of the fur it’s forgiving. Definitely post a picture when you’re done!

As a newbie, I just finished a first scarf. I had extra stitches that kept appearing when I started. I figured out that I was knitting the first loop twice by accident. I think that because that loop can be so big that when it’s pull up a little, it sorta looks like two strands of yard to the untrained eye. I think I got up to 5 extra at one time then decreased. I can’t really tell. Since the scarf is wrapped when in use, I don’t think it will be noticeable.

I’ve been knitting a loooong time and I’ve made one fun fur scarf. I ended up with extra stitches, also. I think its the nature of the beast. In the end, you can’t see anything, though.

well i am glad y’all said that cuz i sometimes think i am breaking ALLLL the cardinal rules of knitting when i look at that stuff and say “eh…no one will know!”…lol

i would say just kinda give it a little tug when you are done because i would bet that after you do a little shaping and fluffing even you won’t be able to find it!