Newbie blocking?

okay this may be a dumb question but I want to ask before I ruin my piece. I’m making a scarf from some Manos wool. It’s a simple pattern–K1, K1, P1. Somewhere I heard about blocking a piece by hanging it up while it dries. That will make the scarf a little more open and longer. But I’m worried about ruining this piece–the yarn was a birthday gift from my dh and I really want this to look good.

So the question is–can I block this by hanging it up? Should I just go ahead and do it the regular way? That will allow the stitches to sort of draw up, right? Either way I think it will look okay.

Just wanted to check with the experts before I do something dumb!!

block and pin the normal way. The way you block will determine how open it is. Blocking wires are a good thing.