Newbie - Binding off

Ok, so I got the knit and purl stitches down, but for some reason, when I try to bind off in knit, the stitches keep slipping off the needle. Is there a trick to keeping the front stitch on the needle while you pull the back stitch over it? :wall:

It helps to knit them loosely. I usually push the stitches down the needles before trying to slip the back stitch over the front. That way I am not working right at the tip. It is tricky, but it will get easier.

A trick I have is to get a crochet hook the same size as the needle and use that as the righthand “needle” when I bind off the stitches. That way, when you have the two stitches on the righthand where one has to be slipped over the other, it’s very easy.

I totally thought about doing this. LOL :woot: I guess for my next :knitting: project when it comes to binding off, I’ll know what to do. :cheering: