Newbie at the LYS!

[B]No one warned me!! [/B] I payed a visit to my LYS (yes, I’m picking up the lingo here :happydance: ) earlier this evening and was overwhelmed! [COLOR=“Magenta”][B]Wow [/B][/COLOR]… that’s a lotta yarn … and a lot of books … and oh my, I didn’t know where to start! I spent about an hour just browsing and actually trying to find a pattern that I might like to make. I left with nothing. The owner was working and she just laughed and told me it might take a few visits before I find something! Holy Moly! No one warned me!!! :teehee:

Haha I’ve been knitting for years and I still feel that way when I go in a LYS - esp new ones when we’re travelling !! The hubby doesn’t understand why I ALWAYS want to go in and rarely buy anything (not that he’s complaining about me NOT spending money). It’s just fun to go ogle and pet the pretty yarn and think about how SOME day I’ll have the time to knit such and such with that.

I like to go in, when we’re out of town, to see yarn that I’ve only heard about because it’s not in stores around here.

Oh, I’m so jealous! I don’t have one near me so it’ll be a girls day out with a friend and hopefully soon!
Hopefully you can make another visit and buy some yarn. We all need more projects, right?:wink:

Hahaha! :roflhard: I went tonite for Knit Night and I bought a couple things. :teehee:

I’m making the sweater sampler from The Sweater Workshop book and I needed another contrasting color. So I bought two shades of pink Cascade 220 and a skein of Meilenweit sport sock yarn for some beaded coasters I want to make.

I love going to my LYS, but I can’t seem to leave without buying something, so I have to limit myself on visits. I know online shopping is popular, but you can’t beat visiting a yarn store and seeing and touching the yarn for yourself.

I totally felt the same way the first time I visited a LYS. I left without buying anything and I didn’t even get a chance to look around too much because I felt sooo out of place. I have gone back about five times and am just now starting to feel like I am not in a glass shop. :slight_smile: