Newbie at knitting

I’m a bit perplexed…I have been knitting a whoping 5 days…all of my knitting projects ( lil starter squares) look as if they have 2 backs. i know i’m getting turned around some where when I knit all rows. They only way I manage to get a definite front(smooth) and back(bumpy) is if i knit a row then purl a row. Help! Any input would be appreciated.:happydance: thanks a bunch

Welcome Sara!

[B]You are right: [/B]when you KNIT one side, and PURL the other side, your outcome will be STOCKING STITCH…that is, smooth on one side and bumpy on the other side.

However, when you KNIT one side, and then KNIT the other side, your outcome is called GARTER STITCH! It looks identical on both sides, and this is a legitimate knitted fabric, or “look”!

If STOCKING STITCH is what you want…place a little safety pin on the KNIT side
to remind you that this is the RIGHT SIDE, and that you should KNIT this side.

Thank you So much…well that worked out well, here I thought I was messing it all up. I’m used to seeing the stocking stitch and I prefer the look. But it is nice to know that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.
So in theory…if i knit 4 rows then purl 4 rows i should get a wavey stretchy pattern? I will for sure expiriment.
My mother showed me basics (very basics) while i was home over christmas and i am finding it a very enjoyable and adictive passtime. I wil no doubt have more questions as I get a little better at the craft. Thanks again! Merci!

Knitting 4 rows and purling 4 rows will still be kind of a garter stitch because purling every row is the same as knitting every row. If you have a picture of the ‘wavy stretchy pattern’ you want, we can probably tell you how to make it.

You can do some experimenting though with different combinations to see what you come up with.

I played around with some yarn and I purled 1 row then knit 1 row for 4 rows(I’m no good at the whole pattern thing, bear with me as I learn the ropes) then purled 2 rows…and just kept repeating…it’s not bad…it’s wavy and stretchy…this might just do fine for a wavy stretchy scarf for a teddy bear…thanks!:woot:

Keep plugging away! It’s the only way to learn and experimentation always leads to some interesting things. Make sure we get a picture of the finished product!

Sure will! Thanks for all the support and help!:yay:

As long as it gets you what you want. I highly recommend to new knitters to just ‘play’ with the yarn and make different stitches to see what the results are. It leads to being able to ‘read’ your knitting which is a good step toward becoming a good knitter.

I 100% echo Suzeeq’s recommendation for playing with the yarn. My first project was a blanket of alternating squares of knits and purls. It taught me quickly to identify my stitches.

I was helping my neighbor last weekend, teach her young daughter to knit. She knows how to knit, that’s it. So I gave her a remnant ball of baby yarn and taught her to purl and gave her the pattern for that same blanket. She caught on to that very quickly. And she really liked it since all she’d done previously was in stockinette. Her mother will teach her to crochet more when showing her how to do a scalloped border.

Stockinette is alternating a row of knit stitches with a row of purl stitches. Garter is knitting all stitches, every row, and can also be done with all purl stitches. The stitch describes the [I]results[/I] when you do something, not how you do it.