Newbie at knitting


Pattern I’m following is attached…


I have been reading many blogs from knitters that need help with a project and as a newbie I’m lost!

I need help… with this pattern, first time to knit a vest and everything is easy except continuing on Just one side of the vest.

On the above pattern where it says shape armhole— keeping To patterns as established, does this mean continue from row 12 / cable row 9 ? The last row directions I completed was 1-12 center cable pattern worked twice and 1-8 once more.

SO, that is the established pattern, do I continue with vest row 12, cable row 9 as I shape the armhole…

( I transcribed vest rows 4 & 5 into 6-15 so I would not get confused with vest row versus cable row) thus vest row 12, cable row 9.

Also, I am confused with “shape the neck” directions .

Thanks for your help,



Yes, continue with row 9 in the cable pattern. As you shape the armhole you’ll bind off or decrease the edge sts in the vest pattern.

In shaping the neck, you’l be decreasing on either side of the V. What size are you making?


Large - I started with 47 cast on sts, I like roomy vests.

In shaping the armhole am I right in thinking there are 4 rows of knitting?

Ex.bind off 3 sts at beginning of next 2 rows

Next row-RS ask, work pattern as established to last 2 sts, k2 tog

Next Row- work week n pattern as established



Yes, you’ve got it. There are 4 rows in these instructions.


Thank you !!! For all of the explaining :blush:

My first vest is on its way to completion.



Wonderful! Do post a photo when you finish. We love to see finished projects.


Will do,



Done with the vest ! Thanks for the wonderful advice and clarifications of directions from the forum.

Ready to start another project!


Nice work!


You’ve worked the vest beautifully! Congratulations on the lovely work.