Newbie armhole shaping/seaming confusion

I think this is standard stuff, but I’m confused anyway! For the body pieces of this cartigan, I’m supposed to bind off three stitches for arm-hole shaping and then continue with the pattern. For seaming, it says to place markers a certain distance down from the shoulder seams and then to seam-on the sleeve between the markers. I’m confused because these markers will be an inch or so above the 3-stitch-BO that was for armhole shaping. So what does that BO have to do with the armhole, if the sleeve is sewn on higher up?

Thanks in advance for words of wisdom!

Did you knit the armhole too long?

Is the pattern online or anywhere we can take a look at it? It helps to see it in context.

Ooh, it’s possible that I messed up my guage. Here’s the pattern. If I counted correctly, the number of rows from the armhole bind-off to the shoulder (42ish) is the same as the number of stitches in the sleeve (46ish). I would think the sleeves should have more stitches relative to the (half) armhole.


Just fit the sleeve into the armhole between BO sts. According to their calculations the armholes would be almost 5", so I have no idea why the markers are supposed to be 4" down from the shoulder seam. You may have to stretch the sleeve a bit to fit it into the armhole though.

Thanks so much!

If the stretching looks bad I will look at doing some more increases to make the sleeve bigger. If there are any tips on this that might help keep me from causing myself new problems, please warn me!

Thanks for the help!


You might just want to increase the stitch count by 2 or 4 anyway. Sleeve tops should actually be a little largish for the armhole, they need to ease into it.