Newbie and question

Hello everyone! I’ve been to about a trillion times but never realized there was a forum! I need help. I bought some gorgeous koigu and started the embossed leaves socks from a back issue of IK. The lace pattern is charted only. I’ve never worked a lace chart in the round before, do I go right to left on all rows of the chart? Or right to left on row 1, then left to right on row 2 etc…
Help!! They are so pretty and I’ve been cruising on them. I hate to get stuck now, or rip them back.

well I don’t have the pattern in front of me but chart are always read right to left as far as I know. Usually the chart represents part of the round. Like if you are using 4 dpns, then you would repeat it 3 times. Does that make sense??

But if it’s for socks, the chart is probably for knitting in the round as is. There’s no note about how to read it?


Usually the chart is read right to left on the first row (unless there’s a set-up row) and the second line is read left to right (representing the same front side of the knitting, however), all odd rows right to left etc. However when even (ws) rows are all purl or all knit, they are often left off and you are meant to work every row on the chart right to left, because the even rows are not shown (which would be left to right if shown).

However on charts for in the round, you are always going right to left, and read the charts that way.
It may not necessarily be one repeat per needle. In fact if I remember the embossed leaves socks correctly, they have just one panel of leaves on the front half of the sock (possibly another on the back), not multiple repeats as in once per needle or anything (unless you are on 2 circs).
Anyway without seeing the pattern, I’d say every row/round right to left.


thank you SO much everyone. I lay awake last night thinking about it. I’ve never worked lace in the round from a chart before. And only once before flat. I’m going to have to rip out that first repeat but thats okay. The yarn is so darn perty I don’t mind having to start over…again!

I checked the pattern and you do repeat it 3 times for each round. And if you look at the completed sock you will see that there are 3 leaves going around the leg.

Good luck! It is such a beautiful pattern!!