Newbie- Am I doing something wrong?

I’m just beginning to learn to knit, having picked up a decent ‘how to’ book on Sunday, and breaking out the yarn and needles yesterday. I’m certain that my project is coming along nicely, my stitches are even (a little tighter than I’d like, but even) and I’ve completed the first 45 rows. Having spent most of the day yesterday and most of the morning today with yarn and needles in my hands, I’ve noticed a few things that concern me. My right hand is gaining some rather rough looking fiber burns, and my left hand has bruises on the tips of my thumb and forefinger. Is this usual when starting out, or am I doing something wrong?

I’d say you’re holding the needles and yarn too tight - loosen up a little. That’ll help your too tight sts as well as be easier on your hands. Nice even stitches come with washing the item when you’re done anyway, not how you knit them. You might also be overdoing it timewise, make sure to take some breaks and not knit too much at one time in the beginning.

Bruising on the thumb and forefinger sound like they might be caused by pushing the right hand needle back through the stitch. I know that’s a habit I’ve gotten into over the years and I really have to make an effort or my finger tip get very tender!

Good Luck!

Most likely you are just holding everything to tightly. I know it’s tough when you’re a new knitter because you’re concentrating so much, but try to relax.

I’m not sure how you’re holding the yarn, but you could also try wrapping it around your fingers differently, too.

Also…I find some yarns are very hard on my hands. Usually the cheap acrylics do this. The inexpensive, but softer yarns regardless of fiber are better for me.

I have to remind myself fairly often to loosen the death grip on my needles (I had this problem when starting to crochet too…), but when I relax, my hands feel better, and my stitches are looser.

Spokaloo, I hadn’t noticed before, but I had been pushing my needle through the stitches. I’ll have to work on that, and stop forcing it so much.

Thanks so much for the help!

I’ve been thinking about this. I started knitting last August or so. My fingers got sore from absentmindedly pushing the end of the needle when I was moving the stitches up to be worked (when I did that recently with a sharp pointed #3 I think I actually bled a bit), my hands hurt from holding everything too tightly. I don’t think I ever got rope burns. Funny how quickly I forget. Try making everything looser. I’m still not a loose knitter but I’m not knitting nearly as tight as I started knitting. For me I think part of it was [I]I[B] did not[/B] want those stitches falling off the needle.[/I] After a while I learned it not only wasn’t the end of the world, it wasn’t half the tragedy I thought it would be and the stitches can generally be picked up. I do notice callouses on my right thumb which I’m sure is from how I hold needles and yarn.

When I start a new project I sometimes get sore spots on my thumbs and fingers. It reminds me to loosen up and also use spot type bandaids to help me over that tenderness. This usually happens when I’m using new tips on my Options.