Newbie ALERT!

I have just recently taught myself to knit this past winter. (GO ME!)
I desperately want to make a baby sweater and have found many simple patterns, but I get to the part that says "slip stitchs to holder’…
Do I drop the needle they are on, say this is the holder and get another needle? How do you GET them onto a holder properly? I knit the stitchs to go on the holder and then look at them and look at the holder and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get them over there other than just using the needle they are on as the holder…

Thanks for any help in advance!

Okay, say you’re holding your needle in your left hand with all the stitches on it and for example the pattern says to slip 25 stitches onto stitch holder. You can use actual stitch holders, which look like gigantic safety pins, or you can just use a scrap of yarn. Basically all you will do is hold the stitch holder in your right hand, almost as though it were a knitting needle, and pass the stitches one at a time from your working needle onto the stitch holder. You will pass them over just as they are - no twisting or knitting or purling - just move it off your needle and onto the holder. Does this help??? If you are using a scrap of yarn, what I do is thread it into a tapestry needle, then pass the stitches one at a time off the working needle, onto the tapestry needle and thus onto the piece of yarn, which works just as well as a stitch holder as anything!!

Hope that was a bit helpful and not too longwinded!!! :wink:

AHA! Tapestry needle makes perfect sense!!
I could not figure out how to slide stitchs that I had just knit without loosing them! (NO one said I was coordinated!!).

Thank you sooo much!!!

(who is getting BRAVER)

You can also check out Amy’s Video for cables. The cables shown really don’t have anything to do with what you looking for, but the video does show you how to slip stitches from the left needle. Check it out here.

Enjoy! :thumbsup:

Ah yes the video is very helpful. I think I’ve watched most of them at least twice now, if not more.
The problem was the pattern I’m working on had the stitches on the right needle after being knit and then put on holders. So I was confused.

Thank you both!


Yep, it’s no different no matter where the stitches are when they are asked to be put on holders - you just pass the stitches one at a time off the needle and onto whatever you’re using as a holder.

Good luck!