Newbie alert ! Newbie alert!

Looks like I’m the newest newbie. ha ha.

I really don’t like my beginners knitting book. It isn’t detailed enough. In fact I purled a whole dog sweater (just a square and two rectangles sewed together btw came out REALLY neat) and after I was done with the sweater I tried to learn something else in the book and couldn’t figure it out so I went to youtube and found out I wasn’t even casting on or knitting correctly. I thought I WAS knitting. I looked at the book after the video and the photo made more sense. ugh. Most of the time when I read instructions online I can understand it more than the book. I am a more visual person anyways.

Anyhoo, I’m hoping someone can show me how to do stockinette by video. I am doing EXACTLY what the directions say to do but it looks nothing like it’s supposed to. I’m so confused.

Also, I don’t know if this matters or not but I don’t know the difference between the front and back (example: bring yarn to front). I don’t know if this is the problem or not.

Photo 1: the correct objective
Photo 2: my millionth try to complete objective correctly. looks nothing like its supposed to

PLEASE HELP. I’m about to pull my hair out !!! ha ha.
P.S. If a video cannot be produced, I can make a video of what I’m doing and maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong. I thought it was pretty simple. Knit one row, purl next row, and repeat. :roflhard: This smiley is me but I’m crying and not laughing. LOL.

I can do these only so far:

cast on
bind off in knit and purl
slip stitch
decrease a few different ways in knit and purl
increase a few different ways in knit and purl
yarn over between knit stitches
yarn over between purl stitches

Hmmm… that’s odd. The sample you did honestly looks like a garter stitch to me. That would require that you knit (or purled) every single row, though.

You said that you purled a dog sweater. How did you do that? The reason I ask is because - if you didn’t create a garter stitch - the reverse side of all purl would be all knit and that would be your stockinette goal.

Have you watched the videos on this site? The demo of a small project on this page creates a stockinette “blanket for a bug”, I think she calls it.

ON the first picture you posted. See the one side, square on the left if you are facing the screen, the little V’s across each row? that is the knit row. See the second picture, where there are rows of “bumps”? That is the purl row. In stockinette stitch, the knit row would be the “right” side of your work, unless otherwise designated by the pattern.

Use the videos up top (listed under “view videos”) to show you how to do a purl stitch, a knit stitch, a decrease, an increase, and all sorts of wonderful techniques. Best of luck to you!
Welcome to our group and to the wonderful addiction that is KNITTING!

Maybe it would help if you found a group of knitters in your area to sit and knit with. I bet that you’d get lots of good advice. Also, continue watching online knitting videos. One day, it will just “click”. That’s the way it was for me.

When I started knitting, I bought myself a skein of pretty red yarn, and some size 10 needles. Then, I sat in front of my computer, and watched knitting videos over and over and over again.

To get stockinette stitch you do knit one row, purl one row. That creates the smooth side and the bumpy side. If you knit every row or purl every row, you get garter stitch which looks like the bumpy side, but has ridges of knits between. To make a knit stitch you insert the needle into the front `leg’ of a stitch from front to back. To make a purl stitch, you insert the needle from back to front.

Look at the videos on this page under Basic Stitch patterns and maybe you’ll figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Keep going and watching the videos! I learned by watching the wonderful videos on this site, but I kept adding a stitch. Several people here tried to explain to me what I was doing wrong, but ultimately, I went to a local yarn store and sat at their “help” table and had several people help me. I have finished one scarf (with a few errors) and am working on another one, with less errors!:woohoo:

I suggest you try to find someone to sit with to watch what you’re doing and see if they can help you out!:knitting:

ooohh, one more thing. When I started knitting, my rows looked exactly like that, and it was because when it was facing the right way, I would knit, and when it was facing the wrong way, I would knit again, causing me to purl the right way. Basically, when the right way was facing me, it was an alternate row of knit and purl.
The one in the pic that you showed was someone alternating knit and purl (knit facing the right way and purl facing the wrong way)…I hope this helped.
OMG I have that book!!!
It’s: I Taught Myself Knitting with simple instructions and clear diagrams make it easy to teach youself…
the one i got included a size 6&8 pari of straight needles, stitch holder, tapestry yearn needles…among other things…if I’m correct, we have the same book.
I really didn’t use it, I just use this website instead.

:happydance: Welcome to KH!!

When you are holding your work in front of you, the front would be facing you and to knit you put your needle in the bottom or left side of the loop on the needle and slide up. You would have your working yarn behind your work and you bring it around your right needle tip and lift the loop on the left needle over and off the needle. To purl bring your yarn forward to the front, moving it between your needles and over your work. You insert your right tip from the top of the loop on left needle down to the left, wrap your yarn and slip stitch over the wrap and off the needle.
I would try the library as well to see if they have other beginning knitting books that might ring a bell with you more.

Here is a computer program that really helped me. It automatically starts when you put the CD in your drive, and you don’t install it. It just runs like a movie.
Knitting Made Easy
It really helped me. And I used Amy’s videos also. :thumbsup:

Watch the videos over and over! Thats what I did!

You came to the right site to learn all about knitting. The videos are great and there is always someone to answer you questions. I truly have learned more from this site than anywhere else in all the years I have been knitting. Welcome.:knitting:

Welcome to KH!

Amy’s videos here are a great resource for learning. Watch them as many times as you need.

Front is towards you in front of the work so you can see it, back is away from you behind the work so you can’t see it.

Take it slow and easy, cut yourself some slack, and just have fun. Nobody ever just picked up a pair of knitting needles the very first time and whipped out a sweater. It takes time to learn a new skill set, the important thing is to have fun doing it.

Ditto what Mason said!

Watch the videos on KH…over and over if that’s what you need. I have and boy(!) do they help. Also, the guys and gals on this site are the best. If you have any questions, someone here will know the answer or try to help you find it.

Good luck!

First of all I just want to apoligize for not getting back to you. I have been without internet for a while. I changed companies for faster service and they took FOREVER to set up. sigh. Anyways, thank you all for all your answers. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I was looping my yarn around the needle the wrong way and it was causing me to knit instead of purl. …so my dog sweater was all knit - garter stitch.

Witeowl, I’m going to check out that page you posted. I have it ready to go after I post this. Thanks.


I love to give homemade gifts… which one of my kids do you want?
THAT IS SO CUTE !!! :slight_smile: ha ha.

I can’t wait until we move in 5 months. There is hardly anything here at all. I’m in Gulfport, MS and you would think Hurricane Katrina just happened a few months ago. …At least there are two hobby stores within an hour’s drive. It is SOOO hard to find someone to ask questions regarding knitting and the one’s you can find act like they’d rather be doing something else. sigh. ha ha. I’ve managed to luck out so far. Hopefully I won’t get stuck again and have to pay another $20 to get a couple questions answered like this past time.

Jayeda: Yes that’s the same book. They really needed to add at least 4 or 5 more photos to that book. lol.

I have one more question: When I read SOME patterns it says to do certain things (wrong side) and other things (right side). What does this mean? A very detailed answer would be great. Thank you all so much for being so nice.
Angel Leah

The right side (RS) is the outside of the piece when worn. Pattern stitches need to be on the outside to be seen. The wrong side (WS) is the inside where you hide the ends you weave in. :wink: Usually a pattern will designate the odd or even rows as RS/WS and for shaping or to start a different stitch. Garter st and ribbing are the same on both sides, so technically there’s no right or wrong side, but you might choose one side to be the RS.

Wow! What a fantastic and SIMPLE way to explain it. Thank you so much !!! VERY APPRECIATED !!!:cheering: