Newbie ? about long tail cast on

I have watched the video numerous times but am still confused-when I am casting on, my tail keeps getting shorter and shorter. Is that right?


Yes, you use the yarn from both the tail and the ball when you cast on.

Yes, you’re using up the tail to make a foundation for your caston stitches. To allow enough length for the stitches you cast on, allow about 1/2 inch per stitch, or cast on 10 then undo them and measure how much tail you used. So if you need to cast on 50 stitches, you’d multiply the inches you used in casting on 10 by 5. Always allow a couple inches extra so you’ll have enough.


A good rule of thumb that I follow, and usually it works out, is to have approximately 1" of yarn for every stitch you plan to cast on, plus another 6".

Thanks for the quick replies everyone!