Newbi decrease question

Hi all, i’m knitting my first hat and I’m a little confused about the decrease instructions. It says K6 then K2t then K5 then K2t then K4 then K2t then continue the decrease progression until 2 stitches remain. Does this last part mean I continue to K4 then K2t until 2 stiches remain on my DPN’s or should I K3 the K2t then K2 then K2t… thanks in advance

Hi; welcome. It would be the latter… K3, then K2t, K2, then K2t…

To shape the top of a hat you often do a round where you K6 (or whatever) and then K2tog. On the next decrease round (often there is a round of no decreasing between decrease rounds, but it depends on the pattern). Then you knit one stitch less between decreases on each following decrease round. That sounds like what you are talking about. So you are right that you would then knit 3 and K2tog, then knit 2 and K2tog, etc. on following rounds.