Newbee needs to change yarn

Hello, I have never made anything yet that I have had to change to another skein of yarn. But–now I need to. Someone told me not to tie knots in my work, but to just lay the yarn over the needle and knit it into the work, but that looks like it would add a stitch. How do you do this. I’m sorry to bother you with something this simple, but I just don’t have anyone else to ask. TIA

:hug: not bothering anyone at all!!

Some do tie slip knots and then go back and remove them…I will pick up the new yarn and the old yarn…knit a few sts holding the 2 yarns together then leg go of the old…You can also just stick your needle into the st and begin knitting with the new…then go back in the end and weave in your ends…:thumbsup:

I tie the ends loosely together, then a coupl rows later, go back to tighten up and rearrange them so they don’t show on the outside.