Newbe with a question

I am a wannabe knitter and have been working on a easy pattern shawl, at least I thought it was easy! My problem is that one side is sagging longer than the other side. I can stretch the short side down but it will not stay even,Why? Hope noone is laughing. Do I need to start over? Do what differentlt. Any help appreciated!

Sometimes those kinds of problems can be fixed by blocking. When you finish the shawl you wet it and then pin it out to dry…it tends to even out the stitches and you can stretch stuff that needs to be stretched. However, if it’s really bad that might not work. If you have a digital camera and could post a picture that might help determine what steps you need to take.

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I did a baby afghan when I started and one corner did that on me… I was so upset but I took it to the LYS and the instructor there showed me how to block and set it up… really made a huge difference thankfully!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for your suggestions, I had thought of blocking but wasn’t sure I should but I think I will at least try. Thanks again! :cheering: