Newb knitter

So I just started knitting today, I did a row on the needles by doing the continental cast on. How do I get a second row on it? Thanks in advance. All the videos I find she has a few rows on the left needle and I’m not even that close.

I knit English, but I have a question. Do you mean you just casted on? If so, you’ll need to learn the knit stitch, and then the purl. If you mean you casted on and then you knit or purled or did both once, then you’ll need to switch the needles in your hands (the one with the stitches is ALWAYS in your right hand, the empty one is ALWAYS in your left hand, unless otherwise stated), and start knitting again!

Good luck :knitting: !

Hi TrisherLee – I’m pretty new to knitting myself! Have you taken a look at these videos? (Your cast on isn’t counted as your first row – you’re about to do your first row!)

hold the needle with the stitches on in your left hand and the empty needle in your right hand. Insert your right needle into the first stitch on the left needle and pull through.

watch the videos on the knit stitch. The technique is the same whether it is your first row or your 40th row. It will feel awkward and may llok a bit sloppy at first but kep at it and it will eventually start to feel and look better.

once you have done all the stitches on your left needle the knitting with be on your right needle.
Simple swap it over to your left hand and start again.

From what I’ve leanred, you just switch needles and keep knitting. Some people turn the kneedles over, but I don’t know if you have to. I’m a newbie too, so this is all I have. Hope my limited knowledge helped!

remember the needle with stitches is always held in left hand and the empty needle in right hand. so from there you will start knitting. if you havent learned the knit stitch . see videos on knit and then purl and then you’ll be ready to go…

You might want to look on the Tips page for Demo of a Small project which shows casting on, knitting and purling a few rows and binding off. That and the knit video should get you going.

thanks guys. I appreciate it. I’ll see if these vids help me any.