Hi everyone
I am new here and really like the site. I am new to knitting also. I have not done anything but a washcloth so far. I really like it and am waiting for my friend to get back in town so we can make something together. She has been knitting for over 20 yrs. I have joined a kntting group by my house and really enjoy it. I wish I had started knitting along time ago.

:knitting: Elaine

Hello Elaine!

Welcome to! Knitting is a great hobby and it does a lot for you - and the ones that receive the output of your needle work.

Knitting with knitting groups is also a great social thing (I do not have a group, though).

Enjoy your hobby and venture into all the little corners of knitting. There is more to learn all the time and you are in the right place to ask a ton of questions. We will answer them all for you.

How long until your friend is back? Maybe you should surprise her and do something before she is back? You have finished one object, now there is no stopping you!

enjoy that hobby!

Welcome to Knitting Help!

I started knitting later in life, too. Wish I had been doing it since I was a little girl like so many others…so many years I could have been knitting for my girls!