hi i’m new here, i have lot’s of books on knitting and i’m taking a class on knitting but in french, but i’m studing the english books too to understand better. i love it. i also wanted to know where is everybody from and are there any canadians on this board

:waving: Welcome to the forum!!! :smiley:

We have Canadians–step up folks!

Welcome to the forum. It’s fun here.

Welcome! I’m pretty new here too. It’s such a great place!

Welcome, Momof3! Welcome to the forum!

Welcome!! :waving: We have several folks from the land of Canadia…this place is full of helpful folks, so don’t be afraid to ask away!


Welcome, Mom! :waving:

Welcome, Momof3. Glad you’re here. If you ever need help with posting any photos of your knittin - I’m your Kitten!


Hi momof3 :waving: welcome, welcome :smiley: I’m sure that our Canadians will be jumping in to say hey and welcome, too…quite soon. Great to have you & looking forward to getting to know you :wink:

:waving: :smiley: :XX: