New York?

How’s everyone in New York doing? :doh:


What part? I saw no snow today.

I live and work in NJ, but my entire commute is in New York.

She was probably referring to upstate NY. They have been hit really hard by snow.

Ohhhh. That makes sense. :teehee:

See, if I ever watched/listened to the news, I might know this. :rofl:

It is actually CENTRAL NY. They are about two hours south of us. They got something like 9 to 10 FEET. We’ve got about 10 to 12 inches and more coming in tomorrow night.
Suppse to be way below zero tonight AGAIN too.
Susie in northern NY

And I’m in the SW part of the state. We only have a couple inches. They are predicting that we’ll get 6 inches or more tomorrow and Wednesday, but I’m not holding my breath. :teehee:

OMG! That’s a LOT of snow.

We’re going to get snow here in the burgh, but nothing remotely close.
I pray you all are safe and endure the extreme weather.

It’s snowing in Rochester right now, but we haven’t had a BIG snow yet. We’ve only been getting an inch or three at a time. I want more! Not 9 feet, but 2 would be nice.

Ha ha ha (sighs and cracks a beer while stretching out in the NZ sun, listening to cicadas, smelling that ‘sun-on-grass’ scent, blue sky with fluffy wisps of cloud) HA HA HA HA HA!

(cough) I mean, I really feel sorry for you lot.


I’m going to send this to the people in Oswego that got 8 feet of snow in the past week with more on the way. One place had 12 feet!!!

Be prepared for some very tired people knocking on your door with their shovels. :teehee: :teehee:

It seems good to remind you that our summer isn’t toooo terribly far away. (Probably good to remind all of us that it isn’t that far away really!) :pray: Of course, that means your winter isn’t tooooo terribly far away either. :teehee:

As it is, snows like that can be very dangerous for several reasons. People who are homeless die from exposure. People die shoveling. People can die if their roof falls in from the weight. Power can easily go out and leave people with no heat. Emergency services find their hands tied because they can’t get through the snow.

So we are grateful when it isn’t us, pray for those who are living through it, and thank them when they wish us well, pray for us, and help us out when it is us! :heart: :muah:

I live near both Sara and Cate and we have a few inches on the ground. There is suppose to be a big storm a-coming, so we’ll see how much that brings. I actually wouldn’t mind a nice snow day from work! :teehee: says 5 to 9 inches for meeeee Tuesday night!
I still get excited about snow. I blame living in Annapolis, where it only stuck twice a year. I live in an apartment now, so I don’t have to shovel anymore. :cheering: And since it’s RIT property, they plow when they expect us to go to class. :teehee:
I will admit, I do not have a concept of more than three feet of snow, though. It just doesn’t work in my brain.

Ooh Cate, it was just on the weather report that it’s a major storm warning and not a watch now. I may have my snow day yet! :cheering:
I’ll have some disappointed pre-schoolers though if we’re closed on Wednesday, no Valentine party…ahh, who cares? A snow day is better than Valentine’s day! :teehee:

Psh, they’re in preschool. They’ll get over it. :roflhard:

It seems good to remind you that our summer isn’t toooo terribly far away. (Probably good to remind all of us that it isn’t that far away really!) :pray: Of course, that means your winter isn’t tooooo terribly far away either. :teehee: (said Brenda - sorry, quoting trouble)

Yeah… but winter here is like (oh no, it’s a bit cold, but at least now I can wear all my knitted stuff, hope it doesn’t rain today but it probably will) rather than (which lump of snow is my car inside?) :teehee:

Here are a couple of pics of our snow. We got about 6 feet. I can’t imagine having to deal with the 12 feet some of the towns north of us got. We finally finished shoveling off our roofs yesterday. :cheering:

I’m in Rochester too. Lots of snow predicted for the entire state tonight/tomorrow.

The weather we had in December was MY kind of winter - 40s to 50s, no snow!

But the cold weather sure does motivate me to knit more!

My roommate gets grumpy about me getting excited over snow. :pout: It’s just like living at home with my grumpy-about-snow parents. :verysad: Maybe I’ll have to stay up here an extra winter by myself and get as giddy as I want. :teehee:

Thanks for askin’ Julie!

Well said Brendajos.

Nice pix Lisa.

As for me, I’m in my snug-as-a-bug NYC city apartment instead of my house in the mountains (Delaware County, 3 hours north)
where they are expecting 20 inches tomorrow. We were up last weekend and had the fireplace going, the furnace churning away and couldn’t keep the house warm. As much as I love that snow, I have to say there’s nothing like being able to order an Indian curry/Italian sub/Jewish chicken soup/Spanish rice & beans/ you name it and have it delivered when it’s zero degrees out. Except maybe stretching out in the sun and listening to cicadas.

Steak Palomilla
Picadilla Taco with Tortilla soup
Sushi sushi sushi spicy tuna roll
Chirpin’ Chicken
Pastrami on Rye

these are some of the things I’ve ordered in the past few weeks but then again, I’m sick and on steroids (bad back) so it’s justified!