New York Times Pic

This isn’t really about a pattern per se but if any of you take the NY Times check out the “sweater” in gargantuan knit on pg. C16 in today’s paper (Feb. 20, 2007)!!! :roflhard:

Sop 1 in NC

I searched online and couldn’t find the sweater, but I’d love to see a picture of it. Do you have the URL?

I have the picture! I was able to download it since we take the paper. I attach it here! I think PVC pipe would be a good size needle! :cheering:

Susan in NC


That is one big sweater!

Uhhh… I have no words. :?eyebrow:

I wonder if she is warm?


my sentiments EXACTLY!!

my only other thought is WHY???

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
I agree with GinnyG: Why??? :ick:

I sent this picture to a friend and she suggested that she and I and our two other best buddies (we all knit) all knit one in a different color to wear to our next high school reunion!! You know how you want to look your best; and of course as thin as possible. We are all “50 Something”. I think the shoes are sooooooo cool too. Oh, I opted for a white sweater with chartreuse horizontal stripes. I am so glad that everyone has enjoyed this picture! By the way; the commentary said it was “hand knit”! Hence, my idea about the PVC pipes. Enjoy!
Sop 1 in NC :eyebrow:

Hey I’m in the 50 SOMETHING club too :cheering:

Yay Ginny! Go girl!! Is it true that 50 whatever is the “New” 40 whatever???

Susan in NC :muah:

I just have two words here: Recycled Yarn!

I could sooooo use that yarn for a few practical sweaters. :teehee:

I don’t know, it looks like it would make a good boat rope. I’ve never SEEN yarn that big!!!

good lord :pout:
thats just not right. :??
looks like someone spilled [size=6]miracle gro on [/size][size=7] her sweater!![/size] :passedout:

The words “yabba dabba doo” come to my mind, though I don’t know why or what they mean. Maybe a buried ancient genetic memory?

Wow- I think. Thanks so much for an intriguing picture. Some similar knits are designed by Twinkle knits Wenlan Chia. Some are really quite beautiful, at least if you’re 19 years old and weigh 100 lbs.

I’m not, and I don’t :roflhard:

Now, now girls. It merely looks odd because her granny panties dropped to her ankles…

I don’t know how some of these designers sleep at night. :doh:

I got from another forum a link to the blog that has several photos from this fashion show. Yikes.

OMG, the more you look at them, the weirder they get!
I started wondering if they had shrunk down the models, or used kindergartners or something. Total mind trip, to see knitwear on THAT scale.
And that scale is gi-mungous.