New York and Company scarf emulation

Does anyonen know the term for the kind of knitting used to border this scarf? (So that I can find some instructions to not follow…)

Some kind of lace? :shrug: You could do yo, k2tog on one row, then k2tog, yo on the next. Try out some combinations like that and see what you get.


The description says the border is crocheted.

I think it looks like crochet too. Possibly put a row of single crochet all around the edge of the scarf, then for the next row something like single crochet, chain 5, skip 3 spaces, single crochet; then for the next rows: SC in center chain 5 from previous row, chain 5, SC in next chain space.

Sorry if that sounds weird/confusing. I just woke up and am still groggy and stupid.

Now that you mention it, it does look crocheted. It was late and I didn’t read the text last night.


All of your ideas are great.
I was kind of under the impression there was a knitting technique to imitate that crocheted look (the person who runs knitting club despises crochet and would skewer me if she knew i even had a crochet hook =|). I have a blanket that I’m under the impression was knit and it looks a lot like the border to that scarf; sadly, the knitter is dead and can’t reveal her secrets.

thanks again, you’re been a lovely help!