New Years Sales?

So does anyone know of any yarn stores that have great sales or any sales I should know about? I have things I want to make but need yarn…I would like to get them on sale(Who wouldn’t)…problem is I dont know where to start, so tell me everything you know lol:teehee:

Sounds like lots of lys are having sales … but for web shoppers such as myself - I got a flyer from webs ( about a big sale, as is Little Knits. Kyarns is having a sale too, I think. I’m sure there is more, but those are the stores I have bought from in the past that keep me on their mailing lists. Can’t wait to see what other’s post too! is having a sale on malabrigo…$8.99 a skein…:wink:

Argh! This is so unfair! Not only did I not get a google alert about this sale, but I didn’t even get the alert about this post. And yet I get the one about the dead sales associate and the one about my message about the dead sales associate. Blasted google alert function!!!

I can’t believe that I left my debit card at school! I’m kicking myself now because I can’t buy some malabrigo :frowning: Hopefully it will be on sale when I get back

In addition to the excellent sale Webs is having that someone mentioned,

Personal Threads is having a sale 20% off everything in stock.

Also Ram Wools will be having a sale 30% off everything in stock starting, I think, Jan. 3rd. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist this one.

Also Yarn4Socks is having a sale of 20% off everything in stock, too.

Red Bird Knits is also having a sale 30% off yarn and needles, 40% off books. This is a great one, too.

Everybody is having a sale these days, trying to make me broke. check each site for when their sales end.

:rofl: I am sorry, I don’t mean to laugh, but that is ironically funny!

I agree, and fortunately irony is one of my favorite kinds of humor :slight_smile:

And I got to the Malabrigo in time, according to the notice I got this morning that my order shipped (which I doubt because it is Sunday, but I take it to mean that they had what I ordered and it is safely taped up in a box waiting for tomorrow).

Yeah!:woohoo: Glad to hear you were able to get your order in!

For those of us who knit on a tight budget, Michaels is having a 30% sale on all things knitting related… yarn, needles etc…

I just spend 150.00 at Personal Threads. It is a BIG sale that they have going.

Check out Cherrytree january sale at discontinued brand name Their shipping costs are kind of high but looks like some really beautiful yarns.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

[SIZE=“1”]seriously. didn’t you just hear me? :wink: [/SIZE]

That’s about how much I spent when I stopped there on my way to work on Thursday! :teehee: I thought I was going to have to tackle Miss Violet when I got there and she was lurking around the Malabrigo. As it was, she was after colors I wasn’t interested in. Julie, the owner, was trying to convince me to get the pretty cashmere I was fondling whilst I waited for my turn to hand over my money to Joe, her husband and the world’s greatest enabler! She said “On sale it is only $110!” yeeeah… no. lol

But for anybody who wants to know… Mountain Colors cashmere is GORGEOUS and supah soft!

Anyway I have told myself I will NOT go there again during the sale. We will see how I do on that. :slight_smile:

I bought some silk after brendajos linked me. :slight_smile: I haven’t done much with silk - I’m pretty much a merino wool/llama/bamboo/alpaca gal, but hey, why not?

Don’t know about sales, but if anyone goes to Jimmy Beans Wool and places an order and puts they were referred by a friend and my email address (, I can get a 15% discount on some patterns I want to order…hehehehe

I got some tahki donegal tweed at personal threads. That is a great sale. has a sale starting this week – the 4th i think.