New Year's Resolutions

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I NEVER do New Year’s Resolutions.

But, this year, I’m making an exception. I’ve decided to actually make one.

[color=blue][size=6]I resolve to exercise and eat nutritious food.[/size][/color]

Hopefully, I’ll lose weight, look better and feel better because of it.

I, too, resolved to eat better. I don’t really need to lose weight, but I know I don’t give myself the nutrition I need and it wipes me out.

I normally don’t make them either. Although last year I did quit smoking on New Years Day but I didn’t resolve to do it then it just happened. I had one last pack and I said when I’m done with this pack that’s it. It just happened that I had the last cigarette on January 1st 2006 at 6 PM EST.

They say that most New Years resolutions go unfulfilled. I don’t know, I think if someone really wants to do something they’ll do it. New years resolution or not.

There is a knitting resolutions posting and I have made some knitting resolutions, hopefully I’ll be able to stick to them. I doubt it though. :teehee:

Nadja xxx

Heh, I’m resolved to get my knitting stash down to something manageable, which, after hearing about Ingrid’s or KellyK’s stash, that shouldn’t prove too difficult.

I read somewhere once that resolving to lose weight in the winter is bad timing and that’s why so many people don’t stick with their new year’s resolution to go on a diet and lose X number of pounds. Supposedly the body just craves more calories in the winter (laying in the winter fat, you know) so by waiting until the spring to start a diet most people will have more success.

I have no idea if it’s true or not, but somehow it makes sense to me.

I plan on working LESS this year. :cheering:

My resolution is to potty train my daughter. I think I’d rather go with the diet thing, it might prove easier. :teehee:

My resolution is to complete at least 2 of my current UFO’s before beginning anything new. Last night, I began finishing the one that needed the least amount of work, and surprisingly, I finished it already.

I have a feeling that I might actually succeed in keeping this years resolution! That’ll be a first!

Good luck to everyone! You can do it! :cheering:

I didn’t realize I had a new year’s resolution until it snowed last night. It turns out my resolution is to get normal exercise whenever the oppourtunity presents. I hate sitting on a bike or treadmill, but I did go out and shovel for 20 min today. Productive excercise is what I am best at. Now that we have a house I can garden, mow, rake, etc. If I see a result in the excercise I am much more apt to do it. ahhhh, the stationary bike is lonely… :verysad:

To pay off my credit card and that is one I mean to stick too! I would love to pay more than the monthly payment to get the blasted thing paid off!