New Year's Resolution: The Knitting Diet

:aww: I am an overweight gal. I like to say, fat and sassy. But recently, my doctor told me that I need to lose some weight. I am 50 pounds overweight and would love to lose even HALF of what I need to lose to get down to my original {skinny} weight (BEFORE CHILDREN). I am rejoining WW this year and starting a knitting diet. Each time I feel restless or nibbly, I pledge to pull out my UFOs and work on my knitting instead of eating. :knitting: I should get alot of knitting done and hopefully lose a couple of pounds in the process. If nothing else, my yarn stash will lose some pounds. ;p

Anyone with me?

You betcha!!! Where do I sign up?!

I’ve got around 50 or so pounds to shift also. When did that happen?!!!?!!!

Did mention to the DH yesterday about sitting on the exercise bike with knitting needles in hand… :wink:

I intend when the restless nibbly feelings take over, to go upstairs to the wool stash, retrieve wool, go back up stairs (again) to get some other vital piece of equipment forgotten about, then down to the end of the garden with the dog (because he’s bound to want to go out when i get to the middle of a row…) and then sit down and knit!!

Here’s to us so far Knitpurlgurl, may we knit the nibbles away! :thumbsup:

Anyone else up for it?

I’m in! Need to lose the baby weight that’s been hanging around.:teehee: Knitting has helped break my nail-biting habit, hopefully it’ll break the snackin’ habit, too. Here goes!:knitting:

Yay!! That’s three of us so far then!!! #Group Hug#!!! :wink:

We should meet online here regularly to check each other’s knitting and nibbling progress. :slight_smile:

I’ll join in! If i lose weight then I’ll be able to knit all those super cute patterns for myself. :teehee:
Maybe I should have some yarn in the car since the ride home from work is my major weak point. Can’t knit and drive though…

Should I set something up in the KAL area?

Great idea! Let’s knit ourselves thin. Not only will it keep us from snacking, but it burns 90 calories an hour :knitting:
We’ll get our UFO done and look fabulous in the process! :cheering:

Okay - I’m going to set something up on the KAL. Look for it soon! :slight_smile:

A few years ago I saw a woman with a t shirt that said Knit more eat less. When I asked her about it she said she did just that and lost 30 ish pounds.

Yes, I was sort of wondering along the same lines.
Just brainstorming some ideas for a KAL:

  • a “Knit and Fit” KAL where we maybe ‘earn’ an hour of knitting for every XX minutes of exercise?
  • or maybe use knitting time as a reward for staying with calorie goals?
  • or maybe participants specify their own formula for being a “Fit Knitter”
  • or, as mentioned above, reaching for knitting instead of snacking
  • or whatever…

(By the way, I love the t-shirt that says, “If I knit fast enough, can I call it aerobics?”)

I set up the knitting diet challenge. If you all have things you’s like to add to it, please do. It’s on the KAL! :slight_smile:

I’m in too. Just stated this morning that I could make a New Years Resolution again. I never eat and knit so it has helped but I need to exercise more too - the knitting makes me forget to go to the gym but I will trade minutes/hours of knitting for equal amounts of exercise. This should motivate me because the effect of no exercise may mean no knitting allowed. I wonder though do knitting books count???


I’m going to watch the Biggest Loser beginning New Years Day to help keep me motivated too.

I was just thinking this yesterday… that if I’m knitting, I can’t be eating. Exercising is my weak point, too…

Sounds like a great idea to me, too! I have been knitting for just a few months, but I noticed that I have been snacking less in the evenings since I took up knitting. It’s hard to eat and knit at the same time!

IT may be hard to knit and snack but somehow i manage to do it! Does that mean i’m extremely talented? I’ve thought about this before as well i feel like it was fate for me to see this on here today. I need to drop 30 lbs!!! I"M IN!

Oh please count me in on this little group! I could use the support!:wink:

I would like to do this too – every New Year’s I think about losing weight. One thing to remember – a smaller sized person wears a smaller size garmet which means a quicker and less expensive knit!
On ravelry there is a group geared toward weight loss and one of the ‘conversations’ was about incorporating knitting with exercise. One suggestion was knitting on a reclining bike and wearing wrist weights while knitting. I think you could knit on a tredmill – just need an easy project that is pretty portable. I think the wrist weight idea is a great one.

Sounds like a great idea. I gained 10 lbs while knitting this winter though. The rest of the year I don’t sit much at all and 40 minutes of snowshoeing a day isn’t cutting it. I like the idea of exercise bike and knitting though.
I’m in I need to lose 30 lbs as well.

me too!! I need to lose at least 50 pounds, preferably sixty-this would really help!