New Year's Eve?

Will there be a New Year’s Eve party this year? It is always fun to ring in the New Year hanging out online so I really hope it is a go this year.

Oh yeah! We’re gonna party like it’s 2013!!
Our celebration is even greater because the MAYANS WERE WRONG!!!
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

Sandy, thank you for pointing that out!:rofl: Yes, indeed, were they wrong or what? Helps to lend some extra festivity to the New Year.:teehee: So what are the details of this New Year’s Party?

I’ll have my best party PJs, slippers, etc., all ready! When it comes to a New Year’s Eve bash, nobody hosts a party like you do! :clink: Thank you!


Were they? Or was it a misinterpretation?


I have had a ridiculous week at work - everyone on vacation (but me) and the only thing keeping me going is looking forward to the New Year’s Eve party at

This makes me so happy. Thank you!!!

:woot: We’re so glad you’re doing it again this year, Sandy! Such fun! Sheldon says he’s going to PM you. He’s got a [I]list[/I] of goodies he wants to contribute from our store to the New Years party give-aways.

:roflhard: Hey, just because they didn’t depict a fifth era in their 4-era hieroglyphs, doesn’t mean they didn’t believe in it. But I have to admit, I was crossing my fingers just in case. :oo:

I like the new age Hippy astrological interpretation the best: That we’re in the beginning of a new and glorious Aquarian Age of peace and love! :pray:

I don’t celebrate on New years Eve any more. My mother passed at 1:30 in the afternoon on Dec 31 in 2003.

Oh dear! So sad! I hope that you will find a way to remember her and honor her memory in a special way that evening. :heart:

No details yet, but stay tuned! I spent the day today removing every speck of Christmas from my house. I can’t focus on the new year with all that stuff in my face. :teehee:

I’m looking forward to it too! I need to break out the ol’ espresso machine, so I can stay up all night again. :smiley:


Awesome! :smiley:

Here’s the post about our party!

You get to choose which prizes you want to be eligible for, so be sure to look through the prize list before you register.