New Year's Eve KAL & Chat was a SUCCESS!

I know that we are all busy knitting for Christmas, so I was thinking that it would be cool if we all have a KH KNIT-TOGETHER on New Year’s Eve!

We won’t have to do it in person, of course. We can just knit wherever we are to bring in the New Year! :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all knit with the same yarn or the same project at the same time? Maybe we could all make a small item together, with the year 2008 on it. How about a dishcloth? Then, we would have a permanent memory of our simultaneous knitting event?

I found a chart for numbers online. We could knit the numbers as we go, or we could just add them later with duplicate stitch.

:yay: :blooby: cool!! I have yarn

Thanks for knitting along, Doodknitwit! :hug:

I have a skein of peaches and cream. I’d like to join in on this one. I’m not 100% sure of our plans for New Years eve, but with a 3 year old you can bet we wont be going out :slight_smile:


Thanks Shandeh for putting this together!

count me in… i’ll probably be in the KH chatroom New Year’s Eve… my dh has to work so we can’t go to the party we were invited to.

sure why not!

I too would like to join in xx

What a great idea!!! Count me in as we count down together!


I’ll join. I’ll be home New Year’s Eve too! and I have yarn :slight_smile:

Count me in! Just a thought… how many stitches wide/high is a dishcloth? I’ve been coming up with charts lately and I’m sure I could come up with something…

the ones i’ve seen are about 36 stitches wide… not sure on the number of rows though.

Oooh! I think I will join in the kal and hang out in the chat room! I have a skein of lilies and cream cotton that needs to be used:)


Thank you all for joining! Won’t this be fun? :slight_smile:

I’m all for us taking over our KH chatroom that night. I’ll sign on at 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, and stay in the chatroom until 3:30 AM EST.

We can post photos of our progress, as well as our finished dishcloths in this discussion thread.

You’re welcome! :hug:

Yay! We have a designer! :cheering:

Patterns are located at :angelgrin:

Enjoy!! There are two versions- basic and detailed. Basic says “New Year KAL, Knitting Help, 2008”, detailed says “KH, 2008 New Year KAL” with fireworks, a martini glass and a snowflake. Both are 40 stitches square (had trouble with the 34/36 sts getting it to fit)… you may want to add three rows of border on each side if you choose.

The pattern info can also be found on Ravelry at

Let me know what you think!!!

E (
I’m an old knitter (more than 50 years of it) but new to the forum, and way down the list for admittance to Ravelry. I’d love to play along with the New Year’s Eve KAL as we won’t be going anywhere (too old and to sensible to want to drive anyplace on NY eve). I loved your blog and the gorgeous shawls. Is there any way for someone who can’t get on the Ravelry site now to be able to look at the patterns?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Knitabit38 in Fort Myers, FL

Excellent, Eloewien!! :cheering: :notworthy:

You are FAST!!! :thumbsup:

Hi knitabit! :waving:
The first link above works - it is not on Ravelry. Let us know if you have trouble opening it.

I just put the ravelry link so people could add it to their ravelry queue as a reminder. The actual pattern is on my website :slight_smile:

Awesome charts! they’re nice and big. very do-able for me!

Oh boy! A perfect first chart pattern! I printed the chart and now am not sure how to read it. :oops: Is it left to right and are the dark squares another color or purl stitches… sorry for the ignorance:whoosh: