New Year presents - NOW MODELLED+HEDGEHOG :)

OK, so we don’t do Christmas. We’re Jewish, no big deal :lol:. But, in Russia we and every other person had a huge thing about New Year. Ya know, the communists canceled religion and God, so that’s the only thing they left for the people to celebrate,with the tree and the “Grandpa Frost”. That’s the time we give presents and sit around the table and eat and drink and generally have a wonderful time. In Israel it’s not much of a popular thing, but we’re still doing it. So, I’m proud to present the labors of the past month, the presents for my family (me and hubby decided on “no presents this year” policy, so there’s nothing for him).
A headband from [COLOR=Red]here[/COLOR][COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black] done with some acrylics in double moss stitch and a matching little scarf, which has a button hole and will be getting a button too, to be closed on the neck. It’s for my Mom.

and the scarf:

Next is my dad’s ski hat in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran and some white acrylics on 4.00mm needles. The pattern is [COLOR=SeaGreen]here[/COLOR]. They don’t provide with the chart, so i took some from them and some from me and built a chart myself. My dad is not going to ski, but he loves that style.And you can also see a bit of my cat :teehee:.

The Silver’s Palindrome scarf for MIL in the same Cashmerino on 4.00 mm needles, which I already showed you before, but now I had it blocked, which definitely helped :thumbsup:I’m not the best blocker though :teehee:

My FIL Fetching, also in the same Cashmerino on 4.00mm needles, matching MIL’s scarf. He has huge hands, so I made them bigger by adding 6 more rows before the thumb and 6 more after.

And finally, still needs to be seamed at the sleeves, a shrug for my sister, the pattern is from [COLOR=Purple]here[/COLOR].It was knit from Malabrigo in Little Lovely colorway, on 7.00mm needles to get the correct gauge. The fluffy part is FF Filati Over in Cherise. I added the fluff on the cuffs and two rows on the neck.

and the cuff:

Thanks for watching :happydance:Oh, and the hairs are from my dog, he he…


I can’t attach the pictures from Flickr. HELP!

Everything looks fabulous, Nat! :yay: I think celebrating New Years instead is just fine. :wink: How long did you live in Russia?

I’m not sure if you can post the actual photos from Flikr or not…some sites you can and some you can’t.

Till I was 10.5, then we made aliyah to Israel. But we stick to the tradition :wink: Besides, it’s another holiday to get presents :teehee:

Okay, you CAN post photos. On the lower right of the page it says “different sizes”…click that and then scroll down and grab the PHOTO URL. Then post here as usual by clicking the image icon.

Jan, thank you for the compliments and for the help! You’re a sanity-saver :thumbsup:

The New Year tradition sounds great to me. You did a great job on all of your gifts but I especially love the hat. Have fun!

I’m sure I will! Thank you for the compliments:teehee:

Nat, (Natalie?) I love everything you made, especially since it’s all in red, my favorite color! You do good work!

Thanks for explaining how you came to live in Israel. My husband and I hope to visit in 2008, if health problems allow. It’s been a dream of many years for us.

What lovely work and you have ued one of my favourite yarns…Debbie Bliss yarns are fab!

they all look wonderful! Happy New Year!

It’s Natalia :teehee:. You’re very welcome, hope your health will allow it. Just don’t come in the middle of the summer - too hot. I’d love to meet you!

Aren’t they? It’s soft and squishy… Splitty with the Options, but I lived through it :lol:. I also have some Cashmerino Astrakhan, it’s so soft and yummy!

Everything you made is pretty and I love the red.

Beautiful work! Happy New Year!:woot:

Great looking stuff! Happy buy a new calendar and mis-date your checks day!

That’s a ton of great presents!

Thanks for sharing your FO’s! They are all beautiful and inspiring as well. Happy New Year!:slight_smile:

Ok, so i managed to get part of the presents modelled for me :yay:!

Delighted with the ski hat (he refused to take it off the whole evening) is my dad:

Then comes my sister, that got the mmmmalabrigo shrug.
That’s her feeling the yarn:

And that’s her going out wearing the shrug, which she loved and discovered that it’s VERY warm. Outside was rather chilly (about 5-6 celsius= 35-40 degrees in fahrenheit) and she wore the shrug and leather coat and was warm and cozy.

and that’s her wearing it. She’s a glam music fan and also a pink freak, so she was thrilled with the shrug :happydance:

I also made her this glam huggable hedgehog out of the same malabrigo and some eyelash yarn i bought especially and as you can see he matches my sister perfectly. She was sitting huuged with it all through the evening. By the way, she looks really young, because she’s really short, but she’s actually 21, turning 22 this June.
So here’s the glam hedgehog:

Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone health and many smiles :hug:

Red is my favorite color! Very nice.