New yarns

I’ve been spinning like a mad woman lately. Got the bug… haven’t even touched my knitting in about 2 weeks! I thought I’d share my recently finished handspun goodies. :slight_smile:

First is my most recently finished Colonial & Merino blend from CopperMoose. It’s their “Mountain Sunset” colorway. 1 pound yielded 900 yards.

Next is a bit of Merino and Silk I bought on Ebay about a year ago. Finally got around to spinning it. Great stuff, but only 150 yards. What to make?

Last is some blue faced leicester I started a long time ago and finally got around to plying it. 450 yards.

That stuff is beautiful! :cheering: :cheering:

I love spinning the colorful roving. You get different and beautiful results!

Oh my…it’s all GORGEOUS :thumbsup:


It was funny – I was on eBay the other day looking at wheels (just for fun, really) and I saw your wheel, Kristin! I was reading the description, and I thought, “hey, her father made her a wheel, that sounds familiar…” Then I stopped by your blog to see what you’d been spinning lately. :smiley: They’re absolutely beautiful! :inlove:

That’s how it starts. I was doing that last fall…I now have a wheel sitting in my family room…

Yup Same thing happened to me. You are in trouble now Julie. :devil: