New Yarn!

Lookie Lookie what I got from Allegra!! MMMMMMmmmmmmm I :heart: it!! THanks so much :waving:

So pretty and luscious :smiley:

It’s a rainbow! :inlove:


What magic colours! They’d brighten up all around 'em.

Could you tell me what weight the wool is please. I’d love to know if I could get similar in DK or Aran weight over here.

Many thanks for the post.

All the Best

[COLOR=DarkOrange]L[/COLOR][COLOR=RoyalBlue]i[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkOrchid]m[COLOR=Red]e[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Green]y (It’s [COLOR=SandyBrown]definitely [COLOR=Magenta]inspired [COLOR=Blue]me)[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

Here’s the info from the label: Schoeller Stahl yarn company, 100% superwash wool. Then everything else is in German. The line of yarn is called Limbo and the color is called, get this, “color.” Here’s a swatch I’m doing. I’m starting with size 4 then I did a few rows of garter and switched to size 5. I think I shoulda started with a 3. But I will go up to a 7 or 8 and see how loose it gets. Here’s a picture of my swatch

Oops I just reposted the same photo and I don’t know how to edit it out. Oh well, so here’s the photo I wanted to show you and I also scanned the label

It sure makes an impression when swatched! It’s psychedelic! :slight_smile: vibrantttttt

Goodness but that’s lovely! :inlove:

Very snazzy colors! Me likey!

Here’s a link for it at Yarndex

That’s beautiful!

I fixed the extra photo for you. :wink:

Very Nice!

I love the color!