New Yarn -- Which Direction?

I’ve been knitting as an adult for about a month … learned as a small child and shortly thereafter took up athletics 'til now.

The first yarn store I went to and purchased cotton yarn (nice quality) was very careful about winding in on the machine.

The next store I went to was very callous and wound very hard and fast pulling very hard on the yarn. This nice cotton yarn cost double of the first and I was very uncomfortable with this. :wall:

I do not plan to let anyone wrap yarn for me and will gently do it myself or see whether I can pull from the skein.

When I learned to sew in my 20’s the instructor said that one must use the thread in the direction that it comes off of the spool. Otherwise one is “pulling against the grain.”

When one uses YARN is there something to look for?

Does it matter if one uses from center or outside?

Is so, what do I look for in the twist?

I am using this nice cotton yarn and even the first time it is not staying twisted as I knit … I had to pull out the first piece so I am saving that ball for just practice of new stitches …

Is that fact the yarn is “straightening” rather than staying twisted mean I am knitting too tight ?

Of, is it an indication of poor quality yarn ?

I am now wondering whether I am using the yarn from the wrong end?

I want to take good care of my stuff and keep the yarn as nice as possible and don’t want through my ignorance to mess the yarn.

I am grateful for suggestions and advice :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks !

Try working from the other end, the middle or outside, whichever one you didn’t use to start with. I have some yarn that is so messed up…the rest of that sentence got censored. :wink: For some info and light reading you can check out Avoiding yarn twist–why does it matter? by TECHknitter. If that’s more than you care to read now, you might make a note of the blog as it has tons of useful stuff.

Thank you!

Great site ~