New Yarn Store Online!

Hello Everybody~

I am a recent college grad and I just helped my father open up an ebay yarn store. Please come visit our store!

I will try my best to give you a good ebay experience! Thank you~~~


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I have one suggestion for your listings, please include the gauge information for each yarn. I only found that information for one of the yarn’s you had listed today,the Casade.

Hello Linda!

The gauge information can be found on the manafacturer’s websites. For example for GGH, you can visist and see the guage information for all their lines of yarn. However, I will include more guage information for future auctions for your convenience ;).

Yarn and Needle

I was pretty impressed with what you have to offer…the Cascade looks lovely! :thumbsup:

Thank you. I made my suggestion for two reasons, fairly new knitters like myself who are not familiar with the international yarn manufacturers, and the fact that all the other ebay stores that I have shopped at include this information in their listings. I wish you and your father the very best with your new business.