New yarn container!

My bosses just got back from a lunch trip to Home Goods and brought me this basket to put my yarn in! :cheering: Early birthday present! :woot:

Wow, nice birthday present! I could only get about 1/3 of my yarn in it, but it’s beautiful! :lol:

What thouhtful bosses! Fill it with wonderful yarn.

Oh drool! Very very nice indeed! I’m happy for you! You’ll really use this a lot!

Now…a stashing tip…never let your stash become larger than this container!

Lol! Too late, ArtLady, it already is! I filled it up last night and it’s already overflowing… guess I better stop buying yarn!.. for the moment anyway. :slight_smile:

Neat container! I was going to say that it’s too bad your bosses didn’t bring it back full of yarn, but it looks like you’ve got that part covered! Hee!

How awesome is THAT??? :yay: Many happy returns of the day to you!