New yarn at Michaels

I went to Michaels yesterday to try to return some yarn (I just have too much) and they have a new return policy… if you don’t have your receipt, they give you 20% less than the yarn is selling for… yikes
So, I said I would go home and find my receipt… and then I looked around and found… Bernat Satin WORSTED WEIGHT!! So , I had to get a little… cause I have only seen the sport weight at my Michaels…it had lots of pretty colors… a maroonish heather and a real pretty blue heather…I am so excited… the regular colors were like $1.79 and the heathers were more $2.79 I think…
So… gotta figure out what I’m gonna do with all this yarn…

I have to say I love the fact that you went to return yarn because you have too much…and came home not only with what you were going to return, but some more on top of that!:rofl: You’d better be careful or someone is going to think you’re a knitter!!!:teehee:


:roflhard: :woot: :teehee:

Too much yarn???!!!

Is that possible? :??

lol, roflmbo

I thought I was the only one who could do something like that!

:rofl: Too much yarn? I didn’t think there was such a thing.

If you ever watched Star Trek there was a episode with tribles that keep on multiplying. My yarn stash is growing like tribles but it seems my patterns are doing the same!!!:roflhard::rofl::thumbsup:

That is the best yarn story I have heard in a while!:muah:

What is this “too much yarn” of which you speak?

You can never have to much yarn. I got 260 skeins from a garage sale a couple months ago.


holy cow!:knitting:

You are my yarn twin!:cheering:

I feel your pain! and have a suggestion for you. I recently won 12 skeins of Caron Simply Soft from their Warm Up America contest. The charity I’m currently knitting for requires wool so I donated the Simply Soft to Ellie’s Angels, who accepts donations that are then distributed to their charity knitting contributors. I imagine there are many other charity groups that would accept yarn donations. Just a thought.

P.S. Ellie’s hotmail address bounced back at me but the other one worked.

I donated a little over 20 skeins to 1 charity I knit for and donated 10 to another. I just mail them along with my knitted items. Unfortunately, it gets expensive to mail them around, otherwise I would. :frowning:



seems to me I might have done some similar thing at one time-with similar results! :teehee:

Yarn what yarn? You can never have too much of it in my book. I went into my yarn stash last night at 2am and found something that made me so happy that I had it, that I went on Ravelry and found something to make with it.

:roflhard: Ditto to what the other’s said. Can you ever have too much yarn?

I know it is too late but I would certainly have done the same first I would have tried to find out the receipt and then I would have taken it at the store. Not only Michael but a store like Michaels and others do change their policy suddenly. If you had a receipt now then you would be benefited from return and refund at Michael falling into the policy, if not then you will return half the amount of the yarn cost. There are minor changes all the time made in the policy the updated Michaels Return Policy is of 180 days which means you have 6 months time to return a product from the purchased date.

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