New Yarn at Michaels

Yippee, new yarn at Michaels! My store has some of the new yarns in. I couldn’t really tell what was in the empty slots (not enough info on the little yellow shelf tags!)

But, they have Bernat Cashmere, Alpaca and Bamboo. (Some acrylic, but they are SOOOOOO soft) The skeins are really small and all around $3-4, but it’s still a great deal! None of these are on Bernat’s website yet.

They also have Bernat Satin Sport (I think, their website says it’s a 3, but I could’ve sworn it was medium. It’s Satin something anyway and super soft.) They finally got Red Heart Soft and a bunch of new colors of Simply Soft.

If you want a good deal on yarn, check out your local Michaels and see if they have the new stuff yet! The whole section was rearranged so it’s hard to tell what’s new and what’s missing, but from what I could tell, they got rid of a bunch of Red Heart/Caron cheapy stuff and some furry junk and added this new yummy stuff. I’m so glad the furry stuff is going out of style finally and soft/natural is coming in!!!


man, i just got paid and now i’m afraid to go over there…

jeez, I was doing sooooo gooooood!
Well, maybe not that good :whistle:

Mine also has a bunch of stuff on clearance-- got the “good to go” knitters bag for $15

oooh I can’t wait to check my Michael’s and see what they got.

My walmart just got a bunch of new yarn too. Bernat Felting. I hadn’t even heard of it before, and it was sitting there in the prettiest colourways. I have been dying to do some felting, so here is my chance. YAY!

I’m glad that furry yarn is out, and rustic, natural wool is in!

Mega-dittoes to that! I was in Michaels last week and noticed a bunch of empty slots. Glad to know they’re being filled with good stuff!

Yea! YARN!!! WWWWWWHHHHEEEEEEEE!!! :balloons: :slight_smile:

I went to Hobby Lobby today and their yarn section was smaller and was mostly that eyelashy, furry and fuzzy stuff. I was very disappointed. Wish I’d have read this before I left, Michael’s was only another 3 miles.


I went today…I don’t think mine got that in.
but I did see this yarn that was a wool/soy blend :inlove:
I reallly wanted it but wasn’t allowed to

The wool soy is the SWS that everyone’s in love with. Well a lot of people anyway…

Thanks so much for the info…heading there today.

Can’t wait to go see new selections at Michael’s ty

Hmmm…I need to replace my 3 circs so I’ll have to check out the yarn. I was going to be good, but then I came here!

Note to self: Do not log on to KH before setting out for the days errands…:roflhard:

If you see Patons “Rumor” there, you GOTTA give it a feel.
(It has ALPACA in the mix!)

That yarn is on my wish list now. :inlove:

My Michael’s has got all the good stuff! :cheering::cheering:

DF wants me to make him something out of the Bernat Bamboo… That stuff was a dream! :drool::drool:


My Micheals has a new line of yarn by…Vanna White?

Yeah, I saw that too. I remember reading about it from Lion a few months ago. Apparently, she’s an avid crocheter. (Or at least they think she is.) It’s 100% acrylic, but a little softer than the normal cheap stuff.


Vanna yarns are put out by Lion and also available at Hancock’s and Hobby Lobby. They’re very nice feeling and I’m tempted…