NEW WOOL, what to knit with it! Please and thank U

[size=12]Hello out there

Just got some nice wool Brushed Double Knitting (9 balls) (40g)
Does anyone have a pattern that I could do with this. Not to hard please, I just passed my beginner’s badge. :?? [color=darkred][/color]

Hey, welcome! See this is your first post. Don’t feel too hopeless. Knitting is easy :slight_smile: Just follow the pattern line by line, row by row, instruction by instruction. So tell us about your yarn. Color, weight, grams, length? What do you want to knit?

Oh my…there are so many things…you can look at lots of things to knit @
Currently I am knitting scarves and then matching hats & fingerless gloves to match. There are so many things…what do you like :wink: ?

Thank you Rebecca - Knitncook and all for the quick reponses. Will look into that pattern page link that you send.
The wool is light blue - it justs says 40g - 100 acrylic but it is very soft. I was looking to see if I could probably find a little hat for my grandson.
Went to a stitch and bitch knitting group last night, was quite fun and interesting. Does anyone know of Debbie Bliss and her great knitting books!?!?!? - she was at this knitting group. She has the greatest patterns for babies and children (adults) which are very easy to follow.
:XX: I would recommend you all check them out. Cheers
Have a good day

Debbie Bliss was there??? She has beautiful yarn and books. Cool that you got to meet her.


How cool that Debbie Bliss was there! I just did a sweater for my DH from one of her books.

Yes she was very nice and down to earth. She spoke about her pattern books and how she choose colors on wools and patterns and how she worked into her patterns - draping, shaping and so forth. She is now working on a new spring book with some new silk wools.
She also brought with her some of her children and adult sweaters and throws. All beautiful colours and sooo soft. We all got to try them on. Wonderful.

  • take care - talk to you all soon!!
    Will let you know what I am knitting along the way. :XX:

that is very cool you got to meet her. I plan on visiting her shop when I go there. Her books are so wonderful and her patterns are so easy to follow, my first baby sweater I did was from a book of hers I got at the library. Do you have one of her priojects in mind?

I was in London last summer and didn’t know Debbie Bliss has a LYS there??? How did I miss THAT boat??