New with patterns

I’m completely new at knitting with patterns (all I’ve knitted up til now were blankets and scarves lol) and this particular pattern I’ve chosen has me all confused and sorts. lol.

After casting on 71 stitches and knitting 6 rows of stockinette stitches (which I have), it tells me to knit 18 rows on the first 22 stitches in stockinette stitch. Lolwut? Help?

And if it helps, the next step is to thread the yarn through the stitches and draw up tight, secure.

This is a gift, so I’ve no choice but to do particular pattern, I already promised him it lol. So help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Can you please post a link and pattern name? That’s really very helpful when you’re asking questions since there are thousands of patterns. .

It looks like you’re going to only be knitting on those 22 stitches for 18 rows. So knit the stitches and turn and purl back, etc. Keep track of your row count.

Eh, the pattern isn’t exactly appropriate, that’s why I tried keeping it fairly vague. Instead of posting it in the thread, could I maybe send it to you via private message or something? I just really need help with this, and no one I know is talented enough at knitting lol

It’s not really allowed to post an entire pattern anyway. If you have a link, then we can look at it. If there is no link then you can type just a few rows where you’re a little stuck.

Thanks. Ok you’re splitting the stitches from the main piece to make the ‘other’ cover, and you do just what it says.

Knit 18 sts, then turn and purl back over the same stitches. Do this for 22 rows. Then cut the yarn, leaving about 10-12" or so, and pull the tail through the stitches on the needle like a drawstring. This closes them up like a little cap.

With the end of the yarn, beginning knitting over 27 sts, turn and purl back. Work in stockinette stitch for a total of 30-36 rows then cut the yarn and pull it through the sts again. Leave a longer tail, maybe 20-24"

And work on the last 22 sts the same as on the first. Use the tails to seam up the pieces.

Thanks. Maybe it’s just because I’m tired right now, but I had to read that five times to understand. But thank you so much!! :smiley: