New----with a crazy question!

Hello everyone!! I am determined to learn out to knit and stay out of the kitchen, where the food is!! I understand the cast on part, but what do you do with the “extra” tail from where you casted on?? I’m confused as to what you do with that when I go to the knitting part. I do not see her holding that in here hand??
Thanks for any advice… this is FUN!!

Welcome to the forum!

Don’t do anything with the tail. When your project is done you weave it in.

The tail just hangs there until you’re done. If it’s really long, you can cut it down to about 3 inches, then weave it in. On the other hand, some how to instructions have you knit the first few stitches with it along with the yarn from the skein. It may make those stitches a little bulkier though, and that may not be want you want.


Thank you so much for your reply. I am left handed so I know this will be will be an adventure in it self!! I gave up earlier in the summer. But I am back and determined!!!
Thanks Again