New way of writing patterns

I just got Annie’s Hooked on Crochet magazine at AC Moore’s. I was really surprise at the way some of the patterns are written. For beginners I can see lots of questions if they don’t make note of the pattern notes as the patterns don’t tell you in each round to join with a sl st and how many sts to chain at the beginning of each round. Are they trying to save paper by doing it this way? I think that as someone who has been crocheting for years that this isn’t fair for beginners.

Maybe they don’t join the rounds, but rather work in a spiral kinda like knitting in the round? I’ve done both.

No, they join the rounds but list that as general pattern information at the beginning of the pattern. Another pattern in the same magazine has the entire pattern written out. Go figure!! Maybe the author of the pattern has something to do with. I just think patterns in magazines should be consistent because different levels of crocheters use it.